Tuesday 01 October 2019
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The Impact Ecosystem Event

Building on the successful events celebrating Luxembourg’s Impact Ecosystem during the two last years, the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund (LMDF) in partnership with the Ville de Luxembourg (VdL) and the impact investing players and supporters across the Grand Duchy, turned once again the spotlight on where business/finance converge with social/environmental impact.

The triple bottom line of PeoplePlanetProfit is driving new dimensions of value creation. There is a growing movement of impact finance and social business in Luxembourg, driving both financial and non- financial returns – benefitting investors, customers, employees and greater society.

Thank you very much to every single one in the audience for joining us to learn more about what Luxembourg has to offer by merging finance with social/environmental impact. Thank you!

A special thank also to all the participants:

Video of the conference:

Opening: Lisa Burke & Maurice Bauer (VdL)

Financial sector: BGL BNP Paribas, SEB, UBS, LMDF

Finalists: Antoine Hron, Klin.lu

Finalists: Johannes Heuschkel, GoldenMe

Finalists: Marie Terriac & Conny Nasch, GreenPlate

Finalists: Ekaterina Stambolieva, Nina Space

Presentation: Jeremy Brottes, 106 Conseil SIS

Presentation: Giacomo Piovan, Socialmatter

Presentation: Mike van Kauvenbergh, Deveco

Closing: Raymond Schadeck, LMDF