Asian Credit Fund

Asian Credit Fund
Kazakhstan - Central Asia

Asian Credit Fund (ACF) was established in 1997 as a micro and small business lending program by the NGOs Mercy Corps and Relief International. In 2006, the program was transformed into a commercial entity to support growth and attract additional funding. Later in 2015, ACF obtained its license by the National Bank of Kazakhstan and was entered into the register of microfinance organisations. 

Today, ACF is the second largest MFI in Kazakhstan by number of clients. It has a long history and a good reputation in its area of operations, notably the South-East of the country. During the past years, the MFI has been able to consolidate its financial profile while developing a continuous growth of its outstanding loans, with a significant economic and social impact on the communities it serves. 

Since its inception, ACF’s financial services have been designed to promote the development of rural households, the growth of small and micro-enterprises and access to property in villages. ACF has nearly 28,000 clients with an average loan disbursement of EUR 969. ACF mainly focuses on rural areas where 92% of their clients are located and 71% of them are women. 

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