Attadamoune Microfinance

Attadamoune Microfinance
Fès, Maroc - North Africa

Founded in 1994, the Association Marocaine Solidarité Sans Frontières, AMSSF had as mission to help the poor and illiterate women, to participate in the training and education of young children through vocational training programs and literacy. To support the actions of trained women, AMSSF, developed a parallel micro-credit business. It was the first organisation to start its micro-credit activities in the Moroccan North Central region. In 1999, AMSSF specialised in micro-credit, and became the Attadamoune Micro-finance.

The MFI offers a range of individual loans that have different target customers: investment loans are granted to entrepreneurs with structured activities while rural loans are focused on tourism activities or related to livestock and agriculture. One loan is specially dedicated to youth (graduates or not) wishing to create or develop an income generating activity. Attadamoune also offers group loans which are granted to groups from 3 to 12 entrepreneurs.

AMSSF continues to help young children, poor and illiterate women, through training and literacy programs. Organised activities devoted to social support, whose main objective is, the development of income generating activities, and improving the living standards of customers. These activities result in the marketing support, integration into the socio-economic development projects and training programs.

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