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Kampala, Uganda - East Africa

Entrepreneurs Financial Centre (EFC) was created in 2011. Their loan operations began in July 2012 with a model which targets exclusively Ugandan entrepreneurs with micro, small and medium enterprises in urban market. 79% of loans finance income-generating activities.

Their offer is aimed at the “missing middle”, which are entrepreneurs with needs that are too high for conventional microfinance but still too weak for the traditional banking sector.

The MFI offers an individual methodology that includes three main products:

  • The SME loan which represents 66% of the portfolio. The typical customer is an entrepreneur with a stable business that he has been managing for several years but still has a relatively basic accounting.
  • The Women Market Trader product (4% of the portfolio, 15% of clients) targets women engaged in a small business activity.
  • The Home Improvement product is exclusively for entrepreneurs. The purpose of the product may be for personal use (housing) or professional use (rental investment or acquisition of commercial premises).

Today, EFC serves over 9,000 customers with an average disbursed loan of EUR 5,414. The MFI is represented through its two branches and six service points.

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