San José, Costa Rica - Central America

The Higher Education Finance Fund seeks to mobilise student loans for low-income populations in Latin America. The fund lends and provides technical assistance to microfinance institutions and other financial intermediaries serving the poor so that these institutions, in turn, use HEFF’s financing to finance their student loan portfolio.

Managed from Costa Rica by Omtrix Inc., HEFF is the first full-fledged microfinance fund venturing into student lending with as mission to prove that student loans can be a viable financial product with double bottom line returns. By using an innovative approach to the lending methodology and through partnerships with MFIs throughout Latin America, HEFF plans to tap into a market of young men and women capable of not only repaying their loans, but also of becoming professionals that will improve the economies of the countries in which they have grown up.

HEFF seeks to prove that higher education credit is a viable financial product which can be offered through the microfinance industry to both increase access to higher education among poor Latin American youths, and introduce a new product to the industry’s array of financial services.

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