Ilumina Servicios Financieros

Ilumina Servicios Financieros
Buenos Aires, Argentina - South America

This microfinance institution called FIE Gran Poder was created in 2001 by a doctor to provide financial services to Bolivian emigrants. FIE’s vision is to be a strong and leading leader in microfinance in Argentina, while fulfilling the shareholders’ requirements of promoting sustainable growth for clients and the institution. In 2019, this MFI became part of a bigger group and changed its name to Ilumina Servicios Financieros.

To achieve their vision, Ilumina promotes the development of micro and small businesses by offering financial and non-financial products and services to enhance their growth opportunities and boost their integration into the social economy. The MFI targets disadvantaged populations via low average loans.

The institution offers financial services addressed to business development, production, or housing. Even though this institution has only one product, this one, due to its conditions is flexible enough to adapt to the needs of its customers.

The institution employs 59 people in 8 branches.

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