Managua, Nicaragua - Central America

MiCrédito SA was originally created as an NGO in 2004 by MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates) and became a public company in September 2012. The institution operates mostly on the West of Nicaragua and covers urban and rural areas through a network of 13 branches.

Their mission is to provide a prosperous future to micro and small entrepreneurs by supporting them with business and social development services. MiCrédito offers different types of individual loans, the most important being for the trade and services sector. Their clientele consists of entrepreneurs dedicated to urban or rural micro-enterprise, to farmers, as well as students to finance their studies.

The institution also offers clinical services in an agency in Managua with a health clinic that provides medical examinations, for example, for cervical cancer, a major cause of mortality among Nicaraguan women. In addition, through a partnership with Global Partnerships, MiCrédito is present in the clean energy sector, helping to meet the energy needs of rural populations.

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