MicroLoan Foundation

MicroLoan Foundation

Since its inception in 2008, MicroLoan Foundation Zambia (MLF-Z) first started operating in the Eastern province of Zambia and has steadily expanded its footprint to the Southern and Northern provinces of the country.

With the support of its shareholders, MLF-Z has a mission to reach out to poorest communities in Zambia, providing access to finance for small businesses. Typically, MLF-Z clients live in poor communities in both rural and urban parts of the country, often with insufficient or underdeveloped infrastructure, thereby necessitating a more intensive approach to reach them.

Through its strong social mission, MLF-Z has an opportunity to increase its penetration in underserved rural markets, reaching over 25,000 entrepreneurs and 100% of them being female.

MLF-Z, currently has one main product – a business loan that is repaid in four or six months, secured by a joint guarantee and by the women’s groups. An agricultural loan was launched in 2020 and represents 2% of the portfolio.

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