El Salvador

Óptima Servicios Financieros (Óptima) was founded in 2009, the same year as LMDF. A year later, the Fund added El Salvador to its microfinance portfolio and, in 2013, began financing the microfinance institution Óptima.

This MFI focuses on offering a wide range of financial products and services to meet the needs of micro-entrepreneurs in El Salvador and prides itself on its innovation.

Óptima not only seeks financial profitability, but supports its clients with the vision of being a leading financial organisation, recognised for its solidity and profitability, offering innovative products and excelling in its service offering. This objective is achieved through innovation, efficiency and pride in the services offered, while ensuring that all work contributes to the development of its clients and the preservation of the environment.

Nevertheless, in the difficult operating environment of El Salvador, this is not without challenges, and Óptima works hard on a daily basis to support its customers given the inherent problems in the country.

Today, Óptima supports more than 11,000 clients with an average loan disbursed of EUR 3,954 through its 10 agencies in the country.

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