San Miguel, El Salvador - Central America

The MFI was founded in 2006 and has as origin the NGO PADECOMSM micro-credit program, which was founded in 1996 because of the civil war that hit El Salvador for over a decade. The MFI has a strong local presence in Eastern El Salvador, regrouping the poorest departments of the country. PADECOMSMCREDITO has demonstrated its commitment to its customers targeted through responsible microfinance activities.

60% of the portfolio is allocated to rural customers, which is one of the highest percentages of El Salvador where microfinance is mainly urban.

Its vision is to be a leading financial entity, which meets the needs of micro and small enterprises via excellent relations, services, and attention to customers. Its mission is to improve the lives of its clients by providing accessible and flexible microfinance services with an economic and social profitability.

The MFI offers 3 types of individual loans only for income generating activities and habitat. PADECOMSMCREDITO finances various sectors such as commerce and local industry which include activities such as carpentry, tailoring shops, or pottery. Agriculture and services such as restaurants or urban transports are also financed by the MFI.

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