Salym - Kyrgyzstan

Salym - Kyrgyzstan

Salym Finance is one of the leading microfinance institutions in Kyrgyzstan. The MFI has as vision and mission to provide financial services to the population for its benefit and development. Salym’s aim is to improve the living conditions of their clients as well as their businesses with an improved access to credit and facilitated repayment processes, with reasonable interest rates.

The economy and employment nature of the population of Kyrgyzstan determines the financial relations system in the country, in which the overwhelming numbers of borrowers are clients of microfinance organisations and commercial banks offering microfinance services.

The MFI finances over 12,000 clients and mainly supports individuals with limited income coming from rural areas (70%) or urban peripheries. Their clients are quite gender balanced with 55% of them being women. A special feature of Salym in the microfinance market is the focus on family responsibility of clients. Based on the specifics of micro and small business, the family is an economic unit and the financial relations of a person significantly effect on a family.

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