UFC Kyrgyzstan

UFC Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan - Central Asia

UFC has been operating in Kyrgyzstan since 2006 and is motivated by the financial inclusion of local people. With its work, the institution has managed to finance more than 6,000 microentrepreneurs through its 9 branches. 60% of its clients are women and 55% of all clients live in rural areas.

The year 2017 marked a turning point for UFC, as the institution decided to expand its client base and to also offer products aimed at promoting microenterprises, as well as income-generating activities. UFC now offers diversified credit products: housing, agriculture, business, consumption, education as well as products with an environmental dimension.

The MFI has established partnerships with suppliers specialising in domestic installations, including the use of natural gas and act as an intermediary for the equipment of households. Many families have been connected to gas since the beginning of this activity, which has not only improved their living conditions, but also reduced their CO2 emissions.

UFC is also a digital MFI as it already offers loan services via e-wallets, payment terminals and mobile applications on national cards.

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