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UMF Uganda
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Kampala, Uganda - East Africa

UMF is a Ugandan indigenous NGO created in 2008 by 12 Ugandans with the aim to offer financial and non-financial services to their fellow citizens excluded from the traditional banking system. Currently the MFI is a member of AMFIU, the Professional Association of Microfinance Uganda.

UMF is LMDF’s first investment in Uganda and is in line with the expansion strategy for the East African region.

The institution finances more than 6,000 micro-entrepreneurs through its 5 agencies. The offices are in the central part of the country and the head office is based in the capital Kampala. 68% of their clients live in rural areas and 58% of them are women. The average disbursed loan is of EUR 798.

The product range of UMF is composed and granted following their methodology: group loans (these represent more than half of the portfolio) or individual loans, and by sector, for example the sectors of agricultural or trade. The institution also offers education and housing loans to existing clients, but these are only a small proportion of UMF’s portfolio.

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