Day 5, Cambodia – It’s a small world

On the back of a tuktuk, I saw the most incongruous advert. A Scottish whisky brand advertising its unique flavours, distilled in the shadow of majestic Loch Lomond. In hot, sticky Phnom Penh surrounded by relative poverty, the luxurious whisky brand and the cool photo of the Scottish lake seemed very out of place. However it is one of the very many reminders I’ve had on this trip that the world is really a very small place…

The packed, highly-rated Mexican restaurant round the corner from my hotel run by a Texan…Meeting an Australian friend who I worked with in Bangkok in a Khmer restaurant in Phnom Penh… The ubiquitous Coca-Cola adverts even in the remote villages where our micro-entrepreneurs have their businesses… Chomron, a micro-entrepreneur who we met, was manufacturing carvings for the Vietnamese market…

Working in investment and in microfinance, I am acutely aware that decisions I make and the work that I do can have an impact that reaches far beyond our small Luxembourg office in the house of microfinance. Travelling 9500+km to the other side of the planet and meeting some of our micro-entrepreneurs has only served to reinforce that the world really is a very small place and that our actions can have far reaching consequences.

Apricot Wilson