Meet Louis de Muyser, Intern at LMDF

LMDF wishes Louis a Happy Birthday! So, tell us a bit about yourself?

I spend my two last years in an international school in Maastricht (The Netherlands) called UWC which has a strong focus on equality and social rights. I was therefore confronted with people from all around the world who told me stories about their home countries and the poor conditions some of them come from. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to study, I decided to take a year off in order to discover new things. I found LMDF, an Investment Fund which aims to reach out to the poorer people of this world, and thought it would be a brilliant idea if I could contribute to the amazing work the small LMDF team is doing.

What made you decide to apply to the LMDF?

I love to help people out. It is true that I did already contribute to various “humanitarian” causes, ranging from volunteering in Kenya by helping slum kids, to helping out on a therapeutic farm in Luxembourg in order to assist mental ill people to reintegrate into society. So by joining LMDF, and contributing to the great work they do here, I can have an impact on thousands of people around the globe.

How does the internship fit into your future plans?

Microfinance is such an interesting topic, and being with a small team I get to learn so much about it! LMDF helped me find the area I want to pursue at university, economic development. I guess my internship has been more than successful in this point of view.

What projects have you worked on while at the LMDF?

We have a lot of things going on at the office since the team increased from two in January to 5 in May. My main tasks were to help out on the website, update our numbers and many other small things. However I have also been working on the logistics of a major event we are running the 9th of May about the empowerment of women.

What’s the best thing about working for the LMDF?

I would call the best thing here the tight relationship we have in the office.  I learn a lot while being here, majorly due to the fact that we are a small team, it is really easy to just ask somebody about something and he/she will explain it to you. However one of the other fun things here at the office is lunch time table football games with the colleges from the entire microfinance house.