Social Performance Report 2017


Driving Social Impact Through Microfinance

The world is undergoing a period of significant change. New technologies, new political risks and new emerging economic forces are changing the dynamics of numerous industries. In a period of such changes, it is essential to ensure that those at most risk in societies ar not left behind. As a Fund, we focus on providing opportunities to such people. This report looks at the data which we have collected over the history of the Fund and examines how effective we have been at supporting these groups and how the Fund and microfinance institutions have adapted to the changing global backdrop.

This report is divided in four parts:

1. LMDF’s social mission and history
2. How LMDF works
3. LMDF’s social performance achievements
4. LMDF’s social performance compared to others

It’s the Fund’s second social performance report and this analysis encourages us to go further, address the weaknesses we have identified and further improve the Fund’s social performance in the future.

We hope you enjoy reading this report.