Five years of driving social impact through microfinance

LMDF publishes its social performance report

Social performance is the degree to which an organization is able to translate its vision and mission—in other words, its impact objectives—into its operations and day-to-day decision making. After five years of activity and a solid financial track record, the Fund looked back and measured its own social performance by identifying some social performance key indicators, defined against the objectives of the Fund.

This report is divided in three parts:

1. What do we care about?
2. How do we work?
3. What has been achieved?

It also addresses a number of questions raised frequently by our investors, including how LMDF addresses some of the challenging issues of the microfinance sector, such as over-indebtedness, mission drift and interest rates.

It’s the Fund’s first social performance report and this analysis encourages us to go further, address the weaknesses we have identified and further improve the Fund’s social performance in the future.

We hope you enjoy reading this report.

The LMDF Team

Click here to download the report