5 years LMDF

5 years of investing for the world’s poor

The Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2015. Our goal: to offer investors an attractive investment opportunity while pursuing a strong social mission to benefit the poor and excluded. Five years of LMDF means 80,000 micro-loans and 40 MFIs in 19 countries engaged in the fight against global inequality.

Created in 2010, the Fund has marked its fifth anniversary through a serious of events together with its main partners: The Luxembourg government, the financial sector and the numerous individual investors who have decided to contribute to our vision.

Our Vision

Contribute to the alleviation of poverty in the poorest countries where unmet needs are largest with a particular focus on women, youth and rural population.

The process

An investment in LMDF is in turn invested in a microfinance institution (MFI) through a loan or equity and finally the MFI grant loans or other financial services to their clients, the micro-entrepreneurs.

The impact

In 5 years, LMDF:

  • granted 80,000 loans
  • contributed to the development of 19 countries, 71% of which belong to the bottom half in terms of human development

Today LMDF:

  • investis dans 32 MFIs,
  • finances 30,000 micro-entrepreneurs,
  • of which 76% are women

5 reasons to invest yourself

1) Investment that creates social value

LMDF allows to invest and participate to the reduction of poverty. It’s one of the rare funds that ensures a double performance: high social impact and stable financial returns.

2) Attractive returns

The financial year has just been closed and the numbers are clear: LMDF has generated a 3% return for private investors.

3) Protection of your investment

The share class subscribed by the Luxemburgish government covers, for private investors, the risk of loss linked to microfinance: it is therefore a microfinance investment with reduced risks.

4) A model that works

In 5 years of experience, LMDF showed a strong development and a positive reach for his clients.

5) A Luxemburgish commitment for a social funds

Several Luxemburgish players gathered in the LMDF: the Government, the Cooperation for Development, the Ministry of Finance, the financial sector, the civil sector and many citizens. It’s this unusual union that allows the Fund to generate a strong social added value.

How to invest?

Simply go to your bank and inform them of your willingness to invest in LMDF (the fund is partner of almost all banks in Luxembourg).

LMDF can be found under the ISIN code: LU0456967404

You can also become a direct shareholder in LMDF. Just fill out the subscription form and send it back to the address mentionned in the document.

You will find more information by cliquant ici or by phone at 27 47 35