The Impending reality of Climate Migration and the Challenges for the European Union/ Luxembourg

28th November 2018 at BGL BNP Paribas (Kirchberg-Luxembourg)

The European Union and the Rest of the World is today coping with a +1.12 Degree Centigrade temperature increase since the 1880 pre-industrial revolution. This increase is already having cataclysmic impact on the planet with the 17 hottest recorded annual temperatures on the planet been recorded in the past 20 years. This has resulted in unprecedented Extreme weather conditions impacting the planet with excessive temperatures, droughts and floods impacting almost every nation on the planet.

The World Bank in a landmark report titled Groundswell 2017 has made an assessment of the likely ‘Climate Migration’ which will occur by 2050. 143 Million Climate refugees from Africa (86 m), South Asia (40m) and Latin America (17m) are set to ‘move’ due to these extreme weather impacts.

The likelihood of many of them ending up in the water rich European union cannot be discounted and strategists must prepare for this eventuality with ‘Proactive Sustainable Investment strategies’.

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