FONDESURCO – Financing of the product “FondeEnergía”

LMDF renews its commitments to the funding of energy-efficiency projects in Latin America

LMDF is proud to announce the financing of the renewable and energy efficient product offered through the microfinance institution FONDESURCO in Peru. LMDF disbursed the second tranche of a 1,800,000 Peruvian Soles loan (ca. EUR 460,000) to expand the offering to FONDESURCO’s clients. The “FondeEnergía” product includes energy-efficient equipment. Customers can finance the purchase of solar water heaters and improved stoves with environmental and economic benefits for clients.

Founded in 1994 by two NGOs, FONDESURCO was a pioneer in rural microfinance in Southern Peru and is internationally recognized for its social performance management. The MFI is active in three departments of Peru, 14 provinces and 100 districts.

More information about FONDESURCO here

© Gonzalo Charaja Ramos – Fondesurco // LMDF