LMDF changes its Prospectus to prepare for growth

New Prospectus has become effective in May 2014

The Board of Directors of LMDF approved several changes to the Prospectus to take into account:

• Changes to the regulatory environment (AIFMD, FATCA, anti-money laundering);
• An update of the microfinance and financial inclusion context in which the Fund operates;
• An expanded board composition;
• A clearer definition of the Fund’s focus on promising MFIs;
• Its focus on debt as the primary investment instrument;
• Increased diversification limits to reflect the growth in portfolio of the Fund and ensure appropriate risk mitigation;
• No use of debt to finance investments;
• A reduction in the allowable fees to management and advisors to 3% of NAV;
• Updates to the investment identification and monitoring and the role and responsibilities of management.

The CSSF verbally approved the changes to the Prospectus which come into effect in May 2014.

Click here for a notice from the Board of Directors on the changes.

Click here to download the new Prospectus.

The Fund’s management remains at your disposal for any question you may have on these changes (by phone +352 27 47 35 or email info@www.lmdf.lu).