LMDF meets students financed by HEFF

Bogota, Colombia

Kaspar Wansleben, director of the LMDF, has recently met three students financed by the Higher Education Finance Fund (HEFF) in Bogota, Colombia: Aryslady Cottes from the Dominican Republic, Clara Carmen Curro Manami from Peru and Sergio David Mendoza from Paraguay.

Aryslady is a young student who benefits from the financing of the program EDUCA-T of the Banco de Ahorro y Crédito ADOPEM in the Dominican Republic. Her mother, Ms. Cottes has a small beauty salon and is studying as well: clinical psychology studies.

When Aryslady finished school, she did not know where she was going to study. A friend told her about the ADOPEM Bank and she immediately went to one of their branches in her province, where she was given several study loan proposals. This allowed her to attend a university in her province and study tourism business administration while studying close to home. She managed to acquire a computer and no longer needs to go to internet centres to do her work for university. These studies included everything she was interested in: travelling and getting to know different cultures / languages.

Aryslady is grateful for receiving a daily quality education. She sees herself working in the Ministry of Tourism of her country in the future, and therefore, once she’ll have completed her degree, she wishes to continue studying in the field of political science.

In the framework of the European Microfinance Award 2016 on “Microfinance and access to education”, the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP), of which LMDF is a member, shared Aryslady’s testimony with the European Microfinance Week participants. You’ll find the video (in Spanish) here.

About HEFF

The Higher Education Finance Fund (HEFF), financed by the Fund since 2011, seeks to mobilise student loans for low-income populations in Latin America. They lend money and provide technical assistance to microfinance institutions and other financial intermediaries serving the poor so that these institutions can, in turn, use HEFF’s financing for their student loan portfolio. They currently work with 7 MFIs across Latin America, and to date have financed over 5,080 students.

From left to right: Kaspar Wansleben (LMDF), Aryslady Cottes, Clara Carmen Curro Manami, Sergio David Mendozo