Microfinance and educational credit: A promising alliance?

Conference held on 1st September 2014 in Luxembourg

On the 1st of September 2014, InFiNe.lu and LMDF jointly organized a conference in the “Maison de la Microfinance”, around the question: “Microfinance and educational credit: A promising alliance?”. The conference started with a presentation of the Higher Education Finance Fund (HEFF), a Costa Rica-based microfinance fund which aims to introduce student loans for the children of micro-entrepreneurs in Latin America.

After a welcome from Michel Maquil, Chairman of InFiNe.lu, Juan Carlos Pereira, manager of HEFF at OMTRIX, its management company, introduced the idea behind this project and its operations. His presentation was followed by a panel discussion of Ira Lieberman, Carlos Escobar (NORFUND) and Alex Silva (OMTRIX) and moderated by Kaspar Wansleben, executive director of LMDF. [Photo Alex Silva]

More information about HEFF