Kenneth Hay – New Chairman of LMDF

Kenneth Hay, elected as Chairman of the Board of Directors – Robert Wagener and Marc Elvinger Vice-Chairmen

Following the departure of Axel de Ville, Kenneth Hay was elected on 22 November 2013 as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund. At the same time, Robert Wagener was elected as Vice-Chairman and joins Marc Elvinger, also Vice-Chairman since the creation of LMDF in 2009.

Kenneth Hay has served as Managing Partner of Ernst & Young Luxembourg from 1998 to 2006. After nearly 30 years of career as certified Auditor and Chartered Accountant in Luxembourg, Kenneth starts his mission as Chairman of the Board of Directors of LMDF. Ken has experience in microfinance due to his position as Chairman of the Luxembourg Fund Labelling Agency (LuxFlag) for two successive mandates from 2006 to 2012. He is currently director of the association Friendship Luxembourg as well as board director in two investment funds in the real estate sector.

Robert Wagener, has a long career at the European Investment Bank since 1976 and is Chairman of the a.s.b.l ADA.