Story of Miriam


Miriam Medrano, a farmer who works with her family, cultivating of bananas in the region of El Contadero in Nicaragua.

Miriam has no studies, but as she grew up on the countryside, she learned how to cultivate land since she was a child. First, she planted chiltoma (a variety of pepper) and years later she managed to plant a small hectare of bananas. It was her fighting spirit that motivated her to seek financial sources to strengthen her crop.

She decided to become a MiCrédito client to get financing and continue improving her business.  But those achievements allowed her to provide her family with a better quality of life.

Miriam’s dreams are to export her product and continue having the financial support of MiCrédito until she becomes the best banana producer in her area.

Thanks to God and to MiCrédito’s help, we now have a step forward: We built the house, we dug that little hole, because we didn’t have water, so we are moving forward little by little” says Miriam.

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