Meet Léo Bichler, former intern at LMDF

Tell me a bit about yourself?

Living primarily in Luxembourg and New York, I have always found myself in a very international environment. Knowing that I didn’t want this to change, I applied to Maastricht University where I would study European Studies. About half way through my first year I started to realise that this was not the field of study I would like to pursue. After taking some time off, my interests in business and entrepreneurship started to surface. Now I will be returning to Maastricht in September for a fresh start in a new course, International Business.

What made you decide to apply to the LMDF?

My newly-found decision to study International Business was my main motivation to come to LMDF. It seemed very fitting to come here as this is exactly the field in which LMDF works. In addition, equality for all has always been important to me as it’s clearly one of LMDF’s motivations, making it all the more attractive. I had only come across brief explanations of ‘microfinance’ but was rather quickly intrigued by it and was curious to find out more about how it works and is applied to real situations around the world. Moreover, the novelty of microfinance world-wide was very captivating and exciting as it offers a different solution to the global issue of inequality.

How does the internship fit into your future plans?

This internship has confirmed my interests in business and management as it has shown me how this field of study can be applied to such a variety of real life applications. I am not exactly sure what it is that I would like to do professionally later on, but it seems that microfinance will certainly be an option!

What projects have you worked on while at the LMDF?

My main task was to edit two short, promotional videos of two different sub-funds that LMDF has been working on, namely the Women Effect project and their up-and-coming forestry fund. Aside from this, I helped with whatever I could, from writing articles about our events to proof-reading and translating the annual report.

What’s the best thing about working for the LMDF?

I really enjoyed the friendly and cooperative ambiance in the Maison de la Microfinance. I felt welcomed by all sorts of people that you get to meet and chat to about their own work. In addition, the small team of three people, excluding myself, that creates the entire workforce of LMDF, allows you to get a great insight on how they work and manage the fund. I’m glad to have had this opportunity for my first internship!