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Microfinance and Education

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LMDF, a social Fund investing differently

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Stories from the ground

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The EIB commits a second time to LMDF

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Semi-annual report

We finally seem to see the end of the tunnel regarding the impact that COVID has had on the microfinance institutions (MFIs) in our portfolio, […] We have completed 10 transactions totaling EUR 8.5m and our portfolio has grown to a size of EUR 45.8m, a growth of 18% during the last six months…

The right to Education

As stated in article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, “Everyone has the right to education”, and as a right this should be protected and ensured by public and governmental entities in every corner of this planet.

It is true that many improvements have been made in this area in the recent years, particularly in basic or elementary education, but with the outbreak of the global pandemic, many of these improvements were compromised and access to education for many children was very difficult on a large scale…

Invest Differently

LMDF invests in emerging microfinance institutions that work hard to provide a better life for micro-entrepreneurs. We help these promising institutions to become solid partners for micro-entrepreneurs who need a reliable and fair supply of basic financial services.

Micro-entrepreneurship in Zambia

Josephine, a young widow and mother from Kasama in the Northern Province of Zambia, has managed to lift her family out of poverty with her business.

LMDF and the EIB have closed an agreement for the EIB to invest a further EUR 5 million in the Fund, aimed to support the LMDF in further developing its activities in the African, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region.

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Unique protection against risks

For investors in Class C (share Class open to individuals and non-profit structures) the Fund has set up a risk protection mechanism, through the A and Abis share Classes (the Luxembourgish State and the NGO ADA). Concretely, if an MFI does not reimburse the Fund, Class C investors benefit from by an initial absorption of losses through Class A and Abis.

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LMDF’s impact

49 MFIs financed
69,108 micro-entrepreneurs financed
28 countries
73% women
1,692 average micro-loan
44.7M€ invested in microfinance

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