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Let’s Invest Differently in 2021

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LMDF, a social Fund investing differently

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Nicaragua – Central America

Miriam Medrano, a farmer working with her family

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The EIB commits a second time to LMDF

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New Release – Social Performance Report

We have recently published our latest Social Performance Report 2020 and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

Invest Differently

LMDF invests in emerging microfinance institutions that work hard to provide a better life for micro-entrepreneurs. We help these promising institutions to become solid partners for micro-entrepreneurs who need a reliable and fair supply of basic financial services.


LMDF aims to contribute to poverty reduction by supporting organisations that build up the capacities of their clients and stimulate the spirit of entrepreneurship, with a particular attention to excluded populations.


LMDF and the EIB have closed an agreement for the EIB to invest a further EUR 5 million in the Fund, aimed to support the LMDF in further developing its activities in the African, the Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) region.

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Unique protection against risks

For investors in Class C (share Class open to individuals and non-profit structures) the Fund has set up a risk protection mechanism, through the A and Abis share Classes (the Luxembourgish State and the NGO ADA). Concretely, if an MFI does not reimburse the Fund, Class C investors benefit from by an initial absorption of losses through Class A and Abis.

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LMDF’s impact

53 MFIs financed
55,606 micro-entrepreneurs financed
26 countries
74% women
1,360 average micro-loan
27.3M€ invested in microfinance

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