LMDF celebrates its 10th Anniversary

11.03.2010 - 11.03.2020


Semi-annual report as at September 2019

Focus on Óptima Servicios Financieros in El Salvador


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LMDF expands to Central Asia

Portrait of the MFI Salym Finance in Kyrgyzstan


EUR 20 millions unlocked by the Ministry of Finances

A new growth phase can begin for the class C


A Luxembourg commitment to financial inclusion of the poor


2018: 1.3% for Class C

60,000 micro-entrepreneurs financed, 82% of them women


LMDF, your fund for a transparent and responsible investment


LMDF is displayed on LGX

The Luxembourg Green Exchange opens up to SRI funds

Our Vision and Mission

LMDF aims to contribute to the alleviation of poverty by supporting organisations that empower people and stimulate entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the most excluded. The Fund facilitates access to responsible finance by building sustainable links between investors, microfinance institutions and ultimate beneficiaries.

In order to realise its Vision, LMDF:

Constitutes an attractive investment proposition by balancing stable financial returns to investors with the provision of responsible financial services to the poor.
Specializes in facilitating the growth of promising emerging microfinance institutions which address the financial needs of marginalized communities and individuals in developing countries.
Enables the development of micro-entrepreneurs in areas where unmet needs are largest, particularly among women, youth and rural populations.
Is accessible to public, institutional and retail investors and is accountable for reaching both social and financial objectives, and transparent in its reporting.

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Next subscription deadline:
22 June 2020

Next redemption deadline:
16 May 2020

Execution of transactions (est.):
17 April 2020

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Impact of LMDF:

Number of MFIs financed
of women
Number of micro-entrepreneurs financed
Average outstanding micro-loan
Number of countries
mio invested in microfinance

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