Two ways

There are different ways to invest in microfinance through LMDF: through your bank or directly with the Fund.

your bank

The easiest way to invest is to use your existing banking relationship.

LMDF is in partnership with many banks in Luxembourg who have often invested their own money in our Fund (BIL, BGL BNP Paribas, BCEE, Banque de Luxembourg, Banque Fortuna, CBP Quilvest, etc.).

A subscription to shares can be made through your manager.

Download our PDF with the description of the Fund and its conditions, and present it to your bank adviser. LMDF can be found under its ISIN code LU0456967404.


The cheapest and most direct way to invest is to become a registered shareholder directly in the Fund.

The LMDF administrative agent maintains the shareholders’ register and executes all subscriptions and redemptions of shares. There are no subscription fees involved.

You have two investment options:

  • Simple investment: Download and complete our subscription form, and return it to the administrative agent (address on the form).

  • Personalised investment: A personalised investment plan tailored to your needs, which allows you to invest an amount on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. Subscription form.

  • Additional investment: Are you already invested in the Fund and want to reinvest? You just have to send us the simplified form.

Invest in LMDF

You want to invest in the Fund and have questions or need assistance?

Please contact me:

Jennifer Popescu-Urbain
Shareholder Relations Deputy Manager

Phone: +352 27 47 35 41
WhatsApp me

Note: An investment in the fund is only valid based on the Prospectus accompanied by the last annual report, as well as the last semi-annual report if the latter is more recent. These documents can be downloaded here. Do not hesitate to contact us to request a printed version of the documents (free of charge).