Our vision

LMDF aims to contribute to the alleviation of poverty by supporting organisations that empower people and stimulate entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on the most excluded. The Fund facilitates access to responsible finance by building sustainable links between investors, microfinance institutions and ultimate beneficiaries.

Our mission

In order to realise its Vision,

Constitutes an attractive investment proposition by balancing stable financial returns to investors with the provision of responsible financial services to the poor.

Specialises in facilitating the growth of promising emerging microfinance institutions which address the financial needs of marginalised communities and individuals in developing countries.

Enables the development of micro-entrepreneurs in areas where unmet needs are largest, particularly among women, youth, and rural populations.

Is accessible to public, institutional, and retail investors and is accountable for reaching both social and financial objectives, and transparent in its reporting.

Interested to invest in LMDF?


You can invest in microfinance through the Fund through your bank, directly into the fund, and you can even customise your investment.

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