Cusco, Peru - South America

The ARARIWA ONG was established in 1984 to improve the living conditions of the farmers of the Cusco region in Peru by proposing training and assistance to the local community. It is only in 1994 that ARARIWA started proposing financial services because of a development project proposed by the government.

ARARIWA’s mission is to contribute to regional and national development through the expansion of the population’s rights. This is done by increasing their living conditions, the promotion of their cultural identity and by consolidating the democracy and the civil exercise with equity, favouring so a sustainable economic growth.

ARARIWA aims to equip poor rural and urban areas of southern Andean with economic activities and so generating higher incomes and improving living conditions. The NGO aims to realise those ambitions through the quality and diversification of the financial and non-financial services it offers with expertise.

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