Jakarta, Indonesia, Southeast Asia and Oceania

The KOMIDA foundation was established in January 2004 in Indonesia. In August 2005, KOMIDA started its Microfinance program to help the tsunami victims of that same year. Their mission was to help people recover from the disaster by helping them grow their self-confidence again and help them continue their lives by providing small loans that would help them redevelop their businesses.

In 2009, KOMIDA changed its status from foundation to cooperative as it followed the rules of the ministry of cooperative in Indonesia.

KOMIDA has been growing during the past years and is now becoming one of the biggest Microfinance institutions in Indonesia. The MFI has a particular focus on women as they represent a 100% of their clients, they want to reach the low-income and excluded women by providing them with quality financial and non-financial services so that they achieve better outcomes in terms of household income, education and health.

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