Cotonou, Benin - West Africa

The NGO BETHESDA was created in 1990 by 24 Protestant and Evangelical churches of the country after an unprecedented socio-economic crisis. The first activity to emerge was the health department.

In 1995, the DCAM department of the Hospital BETHESDA started preparatory activities to support income-generating activities. From 1995 to 2013, the microfinance activities have been managed as a project of the NGO. For a progressive empowerment and to comply with current regulations regarding decentralised financial systems (DFS), the NGO BETHESDA decided to spin off the microfinance activities in a separate, regulated entity in the legal form of an association. This was, in May 2013, the creations of the “Promotion de l’Epargne-crédit à Base Communautaire-BETHESDA” (PEBCo – BETHESDA).

Today PEBCo-BETHESEDA offers financial and non-financial services: savings, agricultural loans, education loans and also the acquisition of solar panel kits for electricity, among others.

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