Valle del Cauca, Colombia - South America

UNI2 (formerly FINAMIGA) was founded in 2014 by local entrepreneurs with the purpose of promoting financial inclusion in the Valle del Cauca region before progressively diversifying their services to the North and South of Colombia.

The institution started by financing motorcycles used for business purposes and over the first 4 years of operations it has diversified its offer with products for working capital, house improvement and agriculture.

UNI2’s clients usually receive products instead of cash. For example, with the “Motoamiga” product, the clients receive a motorcycle from a local provider once UNI2 has paid for it on behalf of the client. Over time, the institution has maintained a long-term relationship with more than 40,000 Colombian micro-entrepreneurs, by providing a warm, efficient, and high-quality service.

Today, UNI2 works with over 9,000 clients, 53% of whom are women and 55% from rural areas. The institution is represented through 8 branches and has an average disbursed loan of EUR 1,019.

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