Meet Apricot Wilson, Intern at LMDF

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I spent nearly 3 years working at a large asset management company. I enjoyed the work, but knew that I wanted to do something a bit different. I have therefore taken a year out before starting an MBA to learn about other areas. I spent the first 6 months working for a technology start-up and now I am spending my second 6 months with the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund where I can combine my interest in small companies with my interest in finance.

What made you decide to apply to the LMDF?

I have always been interested in the social side of investment, but I had mainly seen funds which had negative filters to screen out stocks which were viewed as being less ethical. I wanted to look at funds where social impact was at the core of the investment philosophy. I also have an interest in frontier and emerging markets and thought that a fund that works directly with countries such as Haiti and East Timor would be an ideal place to learn more. And it isn’t a bad idea to go somewhere where I can brush up on my French either!

How does the internship fit into your future plans?

Having learnt more about Microfinance during my time here, I would certainly like to work in this area in future. It is interesting to work in an area where the impact of loans is so tangible. I think my experience here will also set me up to work with frontier and emerging markets in future.

What projects have you worked on while at the LMDF?

We have a large conference on the impact of investing in women coming up. I’ve been helping with all aspects of this, from the marketing efforts through to working on the concepts. I’m also working on the investment and operations sides helping the company to grow. This has been really interesting and has allowed me to use the skills I have gained from working in a start-up and from working in a large fund management firm.

What’s the best thing about working for the LMDF?

Well, given my current score in the table football tournament, I can’t say that it is that. Intern lunches are certainly a highlight- it’s been great to try out some of Luxembourg’s best international cuisine. Coming from a financial background, it has also been fascinating to work in partnership with ADA, the NGO which helps the LMDF with its investment research.