Story of Mark


“I have been active in the financial markets for more than 20 years as an equity and bond trader. After the crisis of 2008, where my employer went bust, I steered my career towards private banking. This was a major change in my life and after many years of just growing the balance sheet of wealthy people I knew the time had come, I had to act and find out how I could help.

I wanted to contribute in a social manner, but not just by “giving away” my money, I wanted to empower people, privilege education, encourage entrepreneurship, allow people who have no access to regular banking services to be able to get a fresh start or make their dreams come alive. If this could be done in a sustainable way, with a little yield and a certain security for the investor, this would be perfect. This is where LMDF came in, offering the possibility of supporting the poor financially, giving a regular decent yield, partly guaranteed by the Luxemburgish State and the priceless feeling…Philanthropy.”

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